What type of physical exercises do you teach?

Level 1
Basic Strength, Mobility, and Control

This includes everything from rehabilitation up through building a solid foundation of fitness.

Most traditional fitness exercises simply don’t carry over into real life (or more advanced skills). I teach primal movements that integrate the numerous aspects of strength, mobility, body control, and even mental relaxation, all at once.

Level 2
Intermediate / Advanced Skills

Learn fun and impressive body weight skills like handstands, gymnastic rings training, or parallette movements (low, portable parallel bars).

This is where most of my students start to really have fun with their training as they impress themselves with what they can do.

Level 3
Free-Form / Improvised Movement

Free-form movement is like adult play time. This is when you can really take ownership of the abilities you’ve developed by putting your own unique spin on how you use them.

Some degree of this is built into every level of training, but the further you go the more freedom you earn.

Meet The Coach

Paul Williamson, MS, PES, CPT

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Despite my formal education, I have a very unique approach to Mind-Body Mastery that involves teaching my students to break all the standard “rules” of exercise to achieve results that conventional methods simply can’t. Inspired by yoga, fitness, gymnastics, nature, and more, my practice is about helping my students create an entirely new relationship between mind & body.

As long as your body is simply what transports your brain from place to place and must be exercised purely to avoid death and disease, you will never discover the magic of a body & mind that balance and elevate one another.

Along the way, you will learn to do things with your body that almost none of my students initially believe they could ever do… until they do. As exciting as it is to learn to balance on your hands or do other cool tricks, the real magic is the internal transformations that I witness constantly, of which the physical transformations are only a reflection.

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Experience & Education


Paul has been changing lives as a personal trainer for over a decade. He worked in a couple big box gyms early in his career, worked as an independent trainer for a few years, and then opened his own personal training gym (A&W Fitness) in Addison, TX in 2011.

California University - MS in Exercise Science & Health Promotion

Paul graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Master of Science Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion with a concentration on Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention from Cal U.

California University - BS in Fitness & Wellness

Paul graduated Magna Cum Laude with his Bachelor of Science Degree in Fitness & Wellness from Cal U.

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) - CPT

Paul is a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through NASM – the top certifying body in the fitness industry.

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) - PES

Paul is a certified Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) through NASM – the top certifying body in the fitness industry.

The Cooper Institute - CPT

Paul is also a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through The Cooper Institute.

The Cooper Institute - Biomechanics Specialist

Paul is a certified in the Bio-Mechanics of Resistance Training through The Cooper Institute.

National Association of Speed & Explosion (NASE)

Paul is a Level 2 (of 2) Certified Speed Specialist (CSS) through The NASE. This certification is all about building power, explosiveness, speed, agility, and endurance through advanced strength & conditioning.

Apex Fitness

Paul is also a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) through Apex Fitness.

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Certified personal trainer addison tx
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